Posted on July 7, 2014 at 3:10 AM

Please remember to wear your helmet and follow the rules of the road. Just last year a colleague of mine was out cycling with one other rider. They were both hit by a car at a 4 way stop just east of Modesto. The riders thought the car would stop at the stop sign so they proceeded through the intersection. The car did not make a full stop and hit both cyclist. Fortunately both riders were not seriously injured, but their bikes were totaled. Just today during a ride I witnessed a Cyclist 50 yards in front of me trying to roll through a 4 way stop sign with cars already stopped. A car was expecting the cyclist to stop and started to move through the intersection as the cyclist rolled through the stop sign. The cyclist had to make a sharp right turn to avoid hitting the car. Lets all be more conscientious about stopping at stop lights and stop signs. We need to make a habit of making eye contact with drivers and proceeding with caution. Be courteous to automobiles as we wish for them to be courteous to us. Returning safely from a ride is more important than having your bike mangled or a trip to the hospital.


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