Participating in the workouts                               Everyone of all level of fitness is welcome to try out a few workouts and meet club members.

Continued participation requires a T3 or Turlock Running Club membership.

CSUS Release of Liability Waiver is required. Be prepared to fill one out prior to your first workout or click the attached link to print and bring with you.

 CSUS Release of Liability waiver






Running at a track can seem monotonous, like running in circles. This can be especially true if you if it is not part of an overall running plan. An overall running plan should include one workout at least every other week dedicated to getting FASTER. This is where running in circles comes in otherwise known as the dreaded track workout. To keep the endless running in circles to a minimum, each workout should be different. Example; your first workout might consist of running 4 repeats of 400 meters (one lap or ¼ mile) the next workout might be changed to 6 repeats of 200 meters. Keep in mind this is a speed workout so rest is very important. Make sure your heart rate is down to a normal rate before starting the next repeat. Try doing your speed workout with a friend. This also will break the monotony.

The track also may be used for improving running technique. Improving running technique will decrease the possibility of injury and should make you a faster runner. Now, who doesn’t want to run injury free or faster? When working on technique, slow down your pace, use similar repeats as previously mentioned and work on foot strike, head, Shoulders and hand position.

Not sure how to plan track workouts or how or what part of your running technique needs improving?

There are many websites that can get you started or you can join us. T3 has varying weekly track workouts that incorporate running drills for improving technique. So no more running in circles, meet us at the track.